The quickest and easiest way to get your site up and running is to use the pre-made Divi layouts that come with your Divi Theme.

There are 32 Divi layouts that are a great way to instantly load pages into your site.

The Divi layouts are made up of various modules, rows and sections that work with the Divi page builder.

1) First we are going to change a few of the basic settings and add a homepage using one of the Divi pre-made layouts. We are going to;

  • Set permalinks
  • Remove the footer content added by Siteground
  • Add a homepage and load a layout
  • Set a static home page
  • Create a custom menu

2) Now we are going to add more pages, load layouts into those pages and add the pages to our navigation menu.

  • Add an about page
  • Add a blog page
  • Add a contact page

3) Now we have the basic structure of our website we can go in and edit the pages to get them to look like our PT Personal Trainer demo.

  • Update the homepage content

4) Update the About page to include the content as seen on the PT demo site

  • Add our own logo
  • update the primary menu colours
  • Edit the pre-made layout content
  • Add number counter, full width headers and pricing table

5) Update the Contact page.

  • Turn off the scroll on the map
  • Set up the contact form

6) Update the blog page and make our first blog post

  • Copy the slider over from the about page
  • Update the sidebar on the blog
  • Create a blog posts

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